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We are vegetable oil producers and produce various types of refined vegetable oil and raw vegetable oil. Our manufacturing facilities allow us to offer low prices to our customers. If you want to save money on refined vegetable oil and raw vegetable oil, send us an inquiry.

To avoid sending false claims and are not serious in factories, which require buyers to respond to testimonials from scientific research. Customers must submit inquiries with the message for details and others in the LOI (Letter of Intent).
Different types of vegetable oil supply arise.
[1]. Refined oils.
A. Refined sunflower oil
B. Refined soybean oil
C. Refined corn oil
D. Refined canola oil
E. Refined vegetable oil
F. Refined palm oil

A. Crude sunflower oil
B. Raw soybean oil
C. Oilseed rape seed raw crude
D. Crude vegetable oil
F. Crude palm oil

[3]. BIODIZEL oil

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Kategorija: Vina, likeri i rakije
Vrsta oglasa: Ponuda
Cijena: 3.049,57 kn
Datum objave oglasa: 19.10.2016.
Pregleda: 1428
Šifra oglasa: 29490

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