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tel: 9709303781
e-mail: [email protected]

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My name is Ms Nicole Chaar from USA-California presently working in Dubai UAE and our company DUGAS urgently need someone to fill infor a position.

Somone interested to handle a  Multi-million dollar project while you still have to keep your present job for time being since no experience without trying something new and have the experience of it that is why our company is looking for someone to handle this multi mullion dollar project and i'm sure you fit for this job.

After our last contractor resign our head contract department apoint me to look for someone just like our last contractor, someone honest and capable to get things done and more important thing someone trustworthy and have the fear of God.

Click here to visit our website --->  & email is [email protected] 
If you intrested please write my email so i direct you to our Head contract department so you can have the contract details and start work with us if you okay with the terms.

Thanks and God bless.

Ms Nicole Chaar.
HR Manager.


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Datum objave oglasa: 04.02.2019.
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